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The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl releases TODAY!

It’s been pretty quiet around here, but I have a good excuse for that! I’ve been hard at work at Book #3 in my WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND series, THE CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR CAPTIVE EARL, and it releases TODAY! Woot. I can’t tell you how much I LOVED writing this couple. I’m so happy to share Gwen and Matthias’s story with you.

The blurb:

A Lady’s Rules of Etiquette When Kidnapping a Gentleman:

1. A lady must obtain a small vial of laudanum and a sturdy length of rope.
2. Once subdued, the gentleman should be bound securely.
3. At no point should the lady leave a sharp implement within the gentleman’s reach.
4. Should rule #3 be neglected, the lady must prepare for things to go dreadfully wrong.
5. In such a case, a lady must keep her countenance and under no circumstances should she submit to his charms and surrender her heart…

Miss Gwendolyn Wilbraham is far more skilled at needlework than she is at kidnapping. But when her best friend begs her to distract the new Earl of Hastings, she reluctantly agrees. Regrettably, the earl is just as clever as he is handsome and before long, he is free of his restraints and not at all pleased…

As one of London’s most notorious rogues, Matthias Hart often finds himself in curious situations. Though he has never woken up drugged, bound, and hidden away in a remote Scottish cottage. Normally, he would welcome such a diversion, but his beautiful captor is young, witty and all-too-innocent. When he finally frees himself, all he wants is revenge and her complete surrender…





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New Release!

If you’re in the mood for a yummy Highlander, check out my latest release, SO I MARRIED A HIGHLANDER!


A Lady’s Rules of Etiquette When Eloping:

1. A lady should never leave a note behind explaining her intentions.
2. If by chance a note has been left behind, a lady must prepare to be hunted down and the ceremony thwarted.
3. In such a case, seeking consolation with a night of excessive drinking will be tempting, but ill advised.
4. And lastly, a lady must never, under any circumstances, wake up manacled to a deliciously handsome Highlander.

Lady Evelyn Alexander has managed to break all four rules in the space of an evening—and the tall, virile Highlander she accidentally married is only the beginning. Her fiancé has also mysteriously gone missing and the threat of scandal is hot on their heels…

Alec McAllister has no use for a wife, but when he wakes up entwined with the lovely and spirited Evelyn, he’s willing to reconsider. He’ll help her find her fiancé, but when the passions ignite between them, it’s only a matter of time before the Highlander claims what’s his…


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It’s here, it’s here!! Novella #2 in my By Invitation Only series, A COUNTESS BY CHANCE, releases TODAY! Eeeeeeeeek!!!


A gambler’s daughter, Sophia Weatherby knows her way around a deck of cards. So when her family estate becomes threatened, she has no choice but to use her skills at the gaming tables to save herself from ruin. A lavish house party affords her the perfect opportunity-until the newly minted Earl of Huntington arrives. Adam Greyson has never forgotten the day Sophia rejected his proposal. Now to even the score, he challenges her to a shocking wager-his two thousand pounds against the one valuable commodity she has left: her virtue.

Where you can get it:




What readers are saying:

“The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely. I can’t wait to read the last novella in this trilogy!” – Farrah

“Well written with engaging characters and an interesting storyline. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this exciting erotic trilogy.”- My Book Addiction blog

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Release Day!

It’s finally here!! A DUCHESS IN THE DARK releases today!! I’m so excited!!

Here’s what it’s about and where you can find it!


The first novella in Kate McKinley’s erotic By Invitation Only series.


Miss Daphne Hayward is on the hunt for a safe, honorable husband and she has set her sights on the perfect target. She plans a full-scale seduction that will bring him to his knees, and have him begging for her hand in marriage. But when she mistakenly slips into another man’s bed, the passions that quickly ignite threaten to send her well-laid plans up in smoke.

Ashton Fitzgerald, Duke of Claymore has never been for want of a willing woman in his bed and his rakish ways have become legend in boudoirs and dark corners all across London. But not even Ashton can account for the powerful desire that surges through him when a mysterious woman pays him a clandestine midnight visit. As dawn breaks, his goddess flees before he can learn her identity. Now Ashton will stop at nothing to unmask the identity of the woman who bewitched him body and soul and make her his . . . forever.

Barnes and Noble:

Thanks for reading!!

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Historical Hookup Blog Tour!

I’m participating in a Historical Hookup Blog Tour and Grand Central Publishing is offering one lucky winner a prize pack of: The Rogue’s Proposal by Jennifer Haymore, Entwined (E-Novella) and Shadowdance by Kristen Callihan, A Duchess in the Dark by Kate McKinley (E-Novella), ’Twas the Night Before Mischief by Nina Rowan (E-Novella), and Once Upon a Highland Christmas by Sue-Ellen Welfonder (E-Novella).

For a chance to win, check out these stops on the tour! You just need to enter before Nov. 30!

Monday, November 18
Books Like Breathing

Tuesday, November 19
The Book Girl

Wednesday, November 20
The Window Seat on a Rainy Day
Book Bliss

Thursday, November 21
Literati Literature Lovers

Friday, November 22
Fiction Vixen

Saturday, November 23
Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance

Sunday, November 24
Seduced By a Book

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Teaser Tuesday and Giveaway!

Just TWO WEEKS until A DUCHESS IN THE DARK is released! Woot! Here’s another snippet, this time from Ashton’s POV.

Also, I’m participating in a Historical Romance Giveaway with a few of my fellow Forever authors! You can check it out today’s post here:

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Teaser #1!

It’s official! Three short weeks until A DUCHESS IN THE DARK releases (Dec. 3). And to celebrate, I’m sharing a teaser from the book every Tuesday until release day!

I’m also putting up a couple excerpts soon, so keep your eye out for those!

Now, onto introductions. It’s my pleasure, dear reader, to introduce you to Ashton Fitzgerald, Duke of Claymore…


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