New Obsessions…

The History Channel has a new show Vikings, and I have to admit, I’m completely, utterly obsessed. I’ve always had a weakness for Vikings, and have devoured many-a-Viking-Romance—Sandra Hill, Johanna Lindsey… those ladies really know how to bring a powerful, ruthless Viking to his knees.

But the show has one thing the books don’t and that’s a half-naked Travis Fimmel, who plays the main character, Ragnar. We all know I’m a historical slut, so when a show can combine my love of history with some half-naked Vikings, I’m SO there.

*Spoiler Warning*

There are a few story-telling aspects of the show that I’m struggling with—the main one being Ragnar’s disloyalty to his wife, Lagertha. She’s only given him one son, you see, which means she’s failed miserably in Viking baby-making department. From the story-telling aspect, it would have been nice to see why having more sons is so important to our hero. Is it a Viking thing, or is he just being a jerk? If he were being pressured to have more sons due to his (recently) elevated position, for instance, then I might understand. But it just seems to come out of the blue, which makes the writer in me very unhappy!

So, needless to say, I don’t expect a happily ever after for Ragnar and poor Lagertha, but then again, the show isn’t a romance (unfortunately!), so one must be prepared for heartbreak!


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