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March 15, 2013 · 12:44 pm

Inspiration thy name is Paul Marron!

A few days ago, I was skimming through some random Regency Romance titles, when I stumbled upon this delicious gem of inspiration.

One quick Google search later and this sexy hunk had a name—Paul Marron! I’ve heard his name before—my bestie, Jennifer Haymore, has had him on several of her Grand Central covers, but I had no idea how versatile he was!

I borrowed this collage from the Realms On Our Bookshelves blog:

He can be anything you want–a vampire, a Highlander (in a kilt—yum!), a sword-wielding warrior, a mercenary…and in every scenario, he’s shirtless and glistening. Yeah. That’s inspiration. You’re welcome.

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Author Photos–The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

I took my “official” author photos yesterday, and I thought it might be interesting to share the process with everyone. My best friend and brilliant stylist, Kristen Blonn, did my hair and makeup just for the occasion. She spent FOUR hours highlighting my hair, blow-drying, and doing up my makeup. She’s a true artist. I’m telling you, I don’t normally look like this.

So after all that prep work and over 100+ pictures, there are maybe two decent pictures in the whole bunch. Two. To help you understand why I’m having so much trouble picking one, I’ve posted a few of the shots below…

(These pics are coming out a bit grainy and I’m not sure why. I’ll have to figure that out later).

Here I am “fluffing” my hair like Kristen instructed me to do.

Blinking is not a super great look for me.

Here I am itching my nose. Classy, I know.

This one is great, except, uh…what’s up with my right eye?! It looks…droopy.

This is my pretty face. Tell me it wouldn’t make an awesome author pic! The pink background really brings out my immaturity.

And finally, one that might be decent if we can fix the lighting. It looks a little blown out.

And this one is okay too, except my head is tilting to the side and back a little too much.

So, that’s done and I’m so relieved. I hate taking pictures, I really do. It’s right up there with going to the dentist or doing laundry. Holding that fake smile is a special kind of torture and I’m SO glad it’s over. Phew!


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