Pride & Prejudice Birthday Blog Hop!

Welcome to my stop on the Pride and Prejudice 200th Anniversary Party Hop!

To celebrate Pride & Prejudice’s 200th birthday, I thought I’d talk about my favorite Pride & Prejudice moments. I say moments, because while I love the book, it’s the 1995 A&E/BBC production that I watch almost obsessively. There’s just something about Colin Firth in tight white pants that sings to my soul. Ladies, you know what I’m saying.

So, without further ado, my top three Pride & Prejudice moments.

1. Elizabeth and Darcy meet. Mr. Darcy does not make a great first impression. He’s like that hot guy in high school that was too cool to give you the time of day. I’d probably weep with self-pity if anyone rejected me like Darcy rejects Elizabeth in that scene. But Elizabeth just laughs, which is what makes her one of the most awesome heroines evah.

2. Skipping ahead quite a bit—Darcy at Pemberley. We get to see Darcy in a far more sympathetic light when Elizabeth visits him at his ridiculously large estate. The maid raves about him, first of all, and then there’s the house itself. My God, what woman wouldn’t swoon after seeing that? And there’s “the look.” Just try to walk away now, ladies.

3. The wedding. I’m a sucker for that sweet kiss at the end. This is probably my most favorite part of the whole movie—the hard-won happily ever after. Swoon!

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Thanks for stopping by! ~Kate



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6 responses to “Pride & Prejudice Birthday Blog Hop!

  1. Stephanie Carrico

    I would find it impossible to pick just 3…..most book adaptions fall flat…but the movies based on Austen works….stand on their own…I enjoy them as much as her novels..

  2. Agreed, Stephanie! I love the movies just as much as the books too!

  3. Chelsea K.

    I agree as well, I know I have read the book a few times but all I remember is the 1995 movie. It is so close to the book that parts are word for word the same but with the movie you get Colin Firth.

  4. Yes, exactly! Colin Firth is always a HUGE plus.

  5. Veronica Monique

    The fact that Elizabeth finds it amusing to overhear Darcy’s rejection is one of the things I like best. In the very beginning she didn’t detest him right off, that developed with time, just as her realization that her assessment of his character was wrong, or at least, not entirely justified given how uninformed she was to his well guarded nature. Still, I lose all sense of propriety watching Colin Firth in the white pants.

  6. Great observation, Veronica! I do like the way her dislike of him grows steadily stronger as the story progresses, then at Pemberly, when she’s forced to see him in a whole new light.

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