Life and Writing

Sorry for the long silence—the last couple weeks have been quite hectic. Juggling all the un-fun, real life stuff has been a bit stressful—ugh! BUT there was a bright spot amidst the chaos. My crit partner, Jennifer Haymore, sent me her latest book to read, and I got to disappear into that world for a few days! Thank goodness for that or a surely would have lost my mind. The hero, Luke, is just the right amount of sexy infused with charm and wittiness—and he’s deliciously tormented by his past, which I’m SUCH a sucker for. And the heroine doesn’t let him get away with much, which I love about her. She has her own trauma, but she’s strong and exactly what Luke needs. Happy sigh! I think this book comes out in November 2013, so you’ll get to fall in love with Luke too. He’s mine, but I’m generous, I’ll share. :c)

On the writing front, my blurbs for novellas two and three have been approved—which means I’ve been given the green light to start writing! I’ve already delved in, and I’m having so much fun writing these books. There’s sexual tension everywhere! I love it!

So, great things are happening all around. I’ve just got to focus and stay on task—housework can always wait, right?!


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