RWA Chapter Meeting

One of our local chapters had a workshop and pajama party last night, and I went with a couple of my writing buddies. So much fun! The workshop was about infusing emotion into our writing, and in the afternoon, an agent came to speak with us—which was very timely for me. I’m still trying to get a handle on what the agent/author relationship looks like, and the talk was very helpful.

After, we had dinner. Here’s a pic of our table, and a pic of my fruity “sunrise” drink.

This was the beginning of a very alcohol-fueled evening. There was much giggling, and plenty of testicle jokes. It was so much fun. The OCC ladies really know how to party.

Here’s a pic of me, in my pjs at the pajama party (sitting in the corner shyly, as usual).

Here we are this morning, all sobered up, gathered around the table for breakfast. We chatted for another couple hours about the business, craft, marketing. It was great!

So that was my fun-filled weekend. Now, back to proposal writing!



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3 responses to “RWA Chapter Meeting

  1. robenagrant

    It looks like it was so much fun. I always squirm away from those pajama party events. Must be ’cause I’m old or something. : ) Glad you had a great time. Good luck with the proposals.

  2. Thanks, Robena! Maybe I can drag you to the next one! It’s so much fun.

  3. Had a great time with you! Plough on my friend.

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