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Life and Writing

Sorry for the long silence—the last couple weeks have been quite hectic. Juggling all the un-fun, real life stuff has been a bit stressful—ugh! BUT there was a bright spot amidst the chaos. My crit partner, Jennifer Haymore, sent me her latest book to read, and I got to disappear into that world for a few days! Thank goodness for that or a surely would have lost my mind. The hero, Luke, is just the right amount of sexy infused with charm and wittiness—and he’s deliciously tormented by his past, which I’m SUCH a sucker for. And the heroine doesn’t let him get away with much, which I love about her. She has her own trauma, but she’s strong and exactly what Luke needs. Happy sigh! I think this book comes out in November 2013, so you’ll get to fall in love with Luke too. He’s mine, but I’m generous, I’ll share. :c)

On the writing front, my blurbs for novellas two and three have been approved—which means I’ve been given the green light to start writing! I’ve already delved in, and I’m having so much fun writing these books. There’s sexual tension everywhere! I love it!

So, great things are happening all around. I’ve just got to focus and stay on task—housework can always wait, right?!


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Life is good…

I had coffee with my writing buddy, Jennifer Haymore, today. We laughed, talked business, and I was even able to squeak out a little work on my proposal. I tried to take a pic of Jen, but she squeaked in horror and ducked behind her computer the second I pulled out the camera on my phone. I tried, folks. I really did. So this is what you get—a pic of my computer and my coffee.

So, life was good today. Coffee, my buddy and writing! What more does a girl need?

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RWA Chapter Meeting

One of our local chapters had a workshop and pajama party last night, and I went with a couple of my writing buddies. So much fun! The workshop was about infusing emotion into our writing, and in the afternoon, an agent came to speak with us—which was very timely for me. I’m still trying to get a handle on what the agent/author relationship looks like, and the talk was very helpful.

After, we had dinner. Here’s a pic of our table, and a pic of my fruity “sunrise” drink.

This was the beginning of a very alcohol-fueled evening. There was much giggling, and plenty of testicle jokes. It was so much fun. The OCC ladies really know how to party.

Here’s a pic of me, in my pjs at the pajama party (sitting in the corner shyly, as usual).

Here we are this morning, all sobered up, gathered around the table for breakfast. We chatted for another couple hours about the business, craft, marketing. It was great!

So that was my fun-filled weekend. Now, back to proposal writing!


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Progress is progress!

Okay, the blurbs for novellas 2 and 3 have passed the critique partner and agent tests. Whew! Now, they’re off to my editor (love saying that!). Keep your fingers crossed! If she approves, she might still need a synopsis for each—we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m still thinking through the full-length series idea. Thinking in terms of series is HARD for me. I can think up a single-title idea, no problem—but connect them together?! Gah!

So that’s my challenge for the next few days. Luckily, I get to spend the weekend with my critique partner (a slumber party—yay!!), so things will be flushed out…er, fleshed out, soon.


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Onward and upward

Okay, the blurbs for novellas 2 and 3 are off to my agent! Cross your fingers she likes them! They’re sexy and fun, right up my alley—so I’m hoping they get the thumbs up! If all is well, then she’ll send them to my editor—who may or may not need a full synopsis for each before I can start writing. I’m not quite sure how this process works yet.

So while I’m waiting to hear back, I’m be working on a proposal for a full length novel—which I’m hoping I can develop into a three book series. I have a pretty fun idea for the first book, but it’s just in the beginning stages now. Motivations and conflicts haven’t been fully fleshed out yet. That’ll take some time.

This is the best stage of writing—when an idea is new, so full of promise! No snags in the plot, no stubborn characters to whip into submission…not yet, at least. The challenges will come, I know. But for now, I’m having fun daydreaming.

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Exciting News!!!

I can FINALLY announce my good news! Last week, I sold three Regency novellas to Grand Central Publishing’s Forever Yours imprint!! I’m so unbelievably excited! The first novella will be out spring of 2013!

And just when I thought things couldn’t get better, I signed with an AMAZING agent, Helen Breitwieser of the Cornerstone Literary Agency! I’m so over the moon!

So, you’ll see the blog design has changed a little. Since I’ll be focusing on historicals for the foreseeable future, I thought the blog should have a more historical feel. It’s simple and sleek! I hope you like it!

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