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Update and Brenna Aubrey

Things are moving slowly with the new Regency. I keep trying to prod it, to get it moving faster, but the book just snickers and continues to ignore me. And frankly, I’m not in the mood to argue with it. So, we plod along, 500 words here, 1,000 words there. Eventually the sucker will get done and I’ll have the last laugh.

In more exciting news, my cp, Brenna Aubrey, had her very first signing this past weekend for the Jane Austen Made Me do It anthology. She looked so natural behind her name plaque, signing books, all adorable and author-y. The first of many signings to come, I’m certain.


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I’m still here, promise! I’ve been quiet in the blogosphere, but that’s only because I’m writing like crazy. I’m up to 10,000 words on the new Regency. So it’s moving along..slowly. I thought briefly about doing NaNOWriMO this month to kick start my word count, but public goal-setting really isn’t my thing. Way too much pressure for me! I’m much more productive when I just put my head down and write, pushing everything else out of my head.

So as JK Rowling says “pen and paper are my priority at the moment” everything else is second, except the family, of course. They are loud and quite cranky when they get hungry. I couldn’t ignore them if I tried. And trust me, I’ve tried.

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