Man Candy Monday!

You’ll be pleased to know that I was working hard this weekend, catching up on the first season of Game of Thrones. Research, my friends. Research. Take this sexy morsel, for instance.

His name is Khol Drogo and he’s king of the barbarian warriors. The second he stepped on stage, I melted. Sure, he’s delicious, but he’s also dangerous, powerful and fiercely protective of the woman he loves. He’ll rip a man apart, literally, for threatening his woman. Wow. I’m in.

Drogo got me thinking about my own heroes. I write mostly Regency and in that world a man can’t rip another man’s throat out to prove he cares. It simply isn’t done. But every one of my heroes has a little bit of Drogo in him. That wild, fearless warrior type speaks to me on a biological level. But it’s his love for the heroine, his absolute devotion to her, that gives us glimpses of his humanity. Those are the heroes I melt for; those are the heroes I want to write. I want to watch the mighty warrior fall to his knees for love.


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