Monday Inspiration

I think we can all agree that Mondays, in general, are unpleasant. The weekend is gone, and now we must trudge through another five whole days before tasting freedom again. So, I thought we could use a little something to lift the Monday blues. Let’s call it visual inspiration. For you writers out there, it’s research. Completely necessary in our line of work.

And because I’m in a True Blood mood, I plucked this little gem off the interwebs. The thousand year old Viking, Eric Northman. Isn’t he pretty? He’s just lying there, pondering all the different ways he’s going to make you squeal.

You. Are. Welcome.

And just for fun, here is a youtube video of the actor who plays Eric, Alexander Skarsgard, drunk, dancing to Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. In spandex, no less. Oh, to be that dude he’s licking…


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